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CovaContact is an easy-to-use and powerful bulk email software program for direct email marketing.

CovaContact offers, in just one software application, a complete range of tools for designing, managing, and sending personalized HTML bulk email to your business customers.

Even if you have never created a direct email marketing campaign before, you can with CovaContact.  The key to CovaContact is its ease of use. It is specifically designed for people who are looking to improve their relationship with their customers through professional looking permission based email campaigns, and other other opt in email marketing campaigns.  You can send email newsletters, messages, offers, and reminders, with the same professional look and feel used by leading Internet companies.


TaskTsar is a "self-administration" application, designed to increase the up-time of Windows NT and 2000 servers and workstations.  

Today's software landscape is ever changing, and software companies are releasing updates one after the other, all the while the next version of Windows is just around the corner, forcing even more updates and patches. This gives rise to memory leaks, services stopping, services hanging, run-away processor usage, hard drives filled to capacity and more.

Task Tsar is designed to tame misbehaved Windows services and applications through automated service monitoring, software rejuvenation, and administrative tasks.  Task Tsar can even notify you via email that it has fixed an issue.


WirelessAdmin is a professional wireless Windows remote administration application for 95, 98, ME & NT 4.0 and Windows® 2000.

WirelessAdmin is a WAP server that you install on your Windows system.  It can run as a desktop application or Windows service.  Once installed, you can access and manage your server from the Wireless Web.

WirelessAdmin allows you to monitor and manage your Windows workstation or server.  Start/stop applications and services, run custom scripts, shutdown/reboot machines and more directly from your WAP enabled cell phone.

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